Business area



    Bonded Warehouse, Factory Lease


    As an important platform and carrier for the project landing in Jiaxing Comprehensive boned Zone, the company has more than 270,000 square meters of high-quality, multi-specification and multi-purpose self-built and operated warehouses, and 6 standard workshops of more than 35,000 square meters.


    Container Yard


    Hangzhou Bay Depot, located at the intersection of Dongfang Avenue and Binhai Avenue, Jiaxing Port District, with a total investment of about 170 million yuan, covers an area of 115.4 mu. The maximum static pile stock of containers is 9264TEUS. It own 2 professional equipment stacker machines,1 front crane of 45tons, 2880 square meters high platform warehouse of class C, special food container inspection site 1000 square meters. It can provide container storage, circulation, maintenance, cleaning, unpacking and storage services. It is a comprehensive public storage yard with the largest scale, standardized management and complete equipment in Jiaxing Port area.


    Freight Forwarder Import And Export Agent


    The company specializes in international transportation agency business such as sea, air and land transportation for import and export business, from cargo booking, warehousing, transit, multimodal transport, container unpacking and packing to customs declaration, inspection, insurance, consulting, etc., and can also provide processing trade manual filing, verification, import equipment exemption application and other approval services. The company has experienced professional customs clearance team, can provide customers with a full range of logistics service system and logistics supply chain service solutions.


    Bonded "One Day Tour"


    The company is located in Jiaxing comprehensive Boned Zone. Due to the special functions of the Boned zone and the "tax refund " policy, it can solve the problems such as complicated card-forward procedures for processing trade and no tax refund for the value-added part of deep processing for enterprises, thus saving a lot of costs for enterprises and enhancing the price competitiveness of enterprise products.


    International Trade Business And Export Tax Rebate Function


    At present, the company has carried out the import trade of wool, wine and other commodities.It also provides trade import and export business agents for domestic enterprises, as well as export tax refund business services for enterprises in need.


    Large Vehicle Parking Lot


    Zhawang Road parking lot, a public supporting project for the integration and enhancement of the logistics industry in the port area, can provide 267 parking Spaces for large vehicles.

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