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      Jiaxing Comprehensive Bonded Area Bonded Logistics Center Co.,Ltd. was established in 2009, registered in Jiaxing Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It owns and operates bonded warehouses, venues, standard workshops and customs supervised warehouses and related businesses.
      Jiaxing Comprehensive Bonded Zone International Logistics Co., Ltd. was established in 2005, registered outside of Jiaxing Comprehensive Bonded Zone. It owns and operates import and export agency business of freight forwarding, container yard and parking lot management.
       As a co-working unit, these two companies are also wholly-owned subsidiaries of Jiaxing Comprehensive Bonded Group Co., LTD, which is a state-owned enterprise of Zhejiang Zhapu Economic Development Zone (Jiaxing Port Area) management Committee, Jiaxing Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Management Committee. The company currently has 37 employees, under the 7 functional departments: Comprehensive department, Finance department, Business department, Customs clearance department, Container department, Storage department, Station department.
      The company has a professional and efficient business operation team, with rich experience in customs declaration, inspection, freight forwarding, warehousing, logistics distribution, container unpacking and other business.It can effectively optimize supply chain resources for enterprises inside and outside the region, design more diversified logistics solutions, and provide all-round, one-stop quality services.


       It is a national-level comprehensive bonded zone with planning area of 1.33 square kilometers. It features divers functions,preferential policies,mature supporting facilities and integrated zone-port customs clearance convenience.It spares no efforts to build the bulk commodity bonded warehouse and logistics base,advanced equipment bonded processing and manufacturing base and import and export commodities display,exhibition,sales and trading base. It is the main frontier platform of Jiaxing City that provides full services for Jiaxing's international trade,and opens up to the outside world.

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